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Who we are


We are a studio of design, curious and that is always on the go, we are always searching for new creative and innovated ideas.

We are worldwide know-ledged and looking for a new updated trends, new stimulations and unknown ideas.

Architecture, fashion, music, art, magazine, different people and different places: we make up our own new trends and with our professional group of designers we develop and transform creativity into reality which we have absorbed during our research.

Fulvio Fantolino Biography


Born in Torino on 21/11/67.

Graduated in architecture at Politecnico di Torino in 1998.

Graduated in transportation design at SAA di Torino in 1992.

He started his professional activity in 1998, practicing in an engineer design studio called STUDIO ELLE in Torino. In 1991 he moves away to IRON PLACE TORINO,where he plans metallic architectonic tenso-structures. In 1994 he starts a full time collaboration with PRINCIPIA design studio, in which he becomes the only one responsible for building residential structures. In the same time, during these years, he starts, as freelance, the activity of transportation design, his other big passion.He collaborates with big automotive-design studio such as SESSANO, ITALDESIGN ANND CENTRO STILE FIAT. In 1994 he also starts teaching at the ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN. Today he is the unique coordinator of the transportation design department. During these years he took place to important projects with MASERATI, JAGUAR, TOYOTA, MCLAREN. In 1997 he establishes, with other designers and freelance architects, the F&F design studio. During these years he collaborates with the most important motor company like FIAT, LANCIA, HYUNDAY, PIAGGIO, COMAU and IVECO for external and internal design. In the meantime, he increased his activity in architecture and signs projects of clubs, restaurants, shops, which become immediately points of references in cities like Turin, Milan and Rome.

Design / People


Senior Designers


MASSIMO DOTTI – Chief designer

MASSIMO RORA – Project Manager


Junior Designers


Stage designer from IED School



MASSIMILIANO SORDI – Director area for Gulf Council Countries

The studio


Turin, 1995


Fulvio Fantolino

Workstations & Software

CAD, CAS, Mac, Alias Studio Tools, Alias Image Studio


CECOMP Prototypes, Vercarmodel

Styling research, CAD layout & 3d modeling, Furnisher research & direction of work
Styling research, Interior and exterior 3D modeling, Trim layout and retail drawings, virtual reality, Models & Prototype 1:1, Show car construction
Brand design, Website design, Corporate and Visual Identity, Packaging
Styling research, Trim layout and retail drawings, virtual reality, Models & Prototype 1:1